Stage: Matriz Map
30 June, 00:15

BOOGÁT (Mexico/Canada)

Due to their vast economic prevalence (and therefore commercial, promotional, media and… well, dominant on the whole) many of the music genres born in the United States are now (and have long been) cultivated all over the world, with slight adaptations to the linguistic, cultural, and social specificities or musical genres of those countries and regions. And just like rock, blues, funk, disco-sound, or techno, rap (and the wider culture in which this musical genre is embedded, hip-hop) has also invaded the whole planet including Spanish-speaking Latin-American countries. From the Pitbull phenomenon (American with Cuban roots) to the also Cuban Orishas, the Chilean Ana Tijoux (who last year charmed the audience at Loulé Med) to the Argentinian Frescolate – not to mention Brazilian rap, also Latin-American but sang in Portuguese (this year represented at Med by BNegão) – the hip-hop movement in these Northern countries (Mexico), central and southern Americas has always the tendency, the excellent tendency if we are allowed, to mingle with numerous local musical genres.
This is a rule that Boogát – born in Quebec, the capital city of the Canadian province with that same name, but with Mexican and Uruguayan blood proudly running through his veins – has strictly adhered to. After singing his songs with lyrics in French – the most widely used language in Quebec – Daniel Russo Garrido, better known as Boogát, started to use predominantly the language of his family, Spanish, and in his sonority he mixes the powerful and intervenient flow a good dose of Latin music: cumbia, salsa, bachata, merengue, and reggaeton. A winning and explosive formula that may be heard in all its splendour in his latest album ‘Neo-Reconquista’, with which he won the prestigious Canadian awards Juno and Félix and that follows his album in Spanish that was equally successful ‘El Dorado Sunset’ (2013, which also received the Félix award).
And although he was born in the city of Québec, it was in Montréal that he started to work in music full time, opening up his creativity to Spanish by performing with the Roberto Lopez Project (Latin-American) and the electronic music producer Poirier. Over the past few years he has performed with many famous people from several countries and musical areas, such as the Frikstailers, Uproot Andy, El Hijo De La Cumbia, Radio Radio, Lido Pimienta, El Dusty, G-Flux, Sotomayor, Super San, Niña Dioz, Mati Zundel, and El Remolon. And he has also invited renowned guests to participate in ‘Neo-Reconquista’: La Yegros, Heavy Soundz, and Pierre Kwenders. A beautiful sound and musical surprise to discover with pleasure on the second evening of Loulé Med: Boogát, an urban guerrilla that has recently moved to Mexico City taking his family with him, where he is now closer to his roots and a musical tradition that – in the future – will have a lot more to offer to him and us.


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